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Article - Essential tips for women seeking men for casual sex

Hi ladies, welcome to the exciting and exploratory world of casual sex dating. At my Casual Friend you're going to be able to meet open minded and free spirited men free from the usual constraints of the traditional relationship.
This is most certainly the most invigorating dating scenes of all and our database is one of the largest in the UK, so you're sure to find someone who is into what you are and looking for experiences that are on your level.
If you're new here and to the world of casual sex dating then you may feel a little unsure as to how to get started, what it is that you should expect and whether this is indeed the scene for you. So we've put together a few tips to explore the casual sex dating scene and get the most from your time here.

Establishing what it is that you're looking for

The first thing that you need to think about before contacting our other members is what it is that you want to experience. Are you looking to explore the world of bondage? Of S and M? How about Dogging? Or maybe you have a partner already and you're both looking for other likeminded couples. Thinking about what it is that you're up for and what is off the cards is essential prior to contacting our other members. You can then set it straight out to men or other couples that you may potentially be meeting.

Staying unattached

Casual dating is exciting because you needn't worry about the usual stuff that goes along with relationships. You don't have to care about what they think of you in bed, or about what they think about your suggestions for spicing things up. This is indeed a highly rewarding relationship, where anything goes as long as you're both up for it.
These things are possible because you're unattached to the other person, you don't need to worry about their feelings or their feelings towards you. Because of this however always remember that there are to be no expectations of a relationship other than that of rewarding sexual experiences and experimentation.

Being free from inhibitions

Whilst both sexes are subject to feelings of insecurity and worry about sexual prowess and/or body image, the casual dating scene is one place where you can let go of all of this. Meeting someone for a one time experience means that you needn't worry about seeing them again after this one experience, so whilst you should consider what it is that they're looking for, you should feel free from inhibition to ask for what you want and enjoy it for what it is.

My Casual Friend is an exclusive casual sex dating website for guys and girls looking for no strings fun throughout the UK. We have one of the most powerful location search engines around and what's more joining is completely free for women.
If you're just getting started or thinking about finding a guy for casual dating join us and check out our massive membership database; and rest assured, each of our members is required to sign an NDA, so you can meet another for consensual fun without a worry.

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