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Article - Three Steps to meeting others for dogging

So, you want to enter the exciting world of dogging? Well you're in for a treat. This is a world that is full of possibilities as you meet other individual people and couples who each bring their own experiences and expertise to exciting, outdoor sexual encounters. However the chances are that seeing as you're already here you know full well what the up sides are of this thrilling sexual experience and you've instead most likely landed here as you want to know how to get into dogging. At My Casual Friend we know that this stage can feel a little intimidating so here we've put together our top three tips for meeting others for dogging.

1. Using a trusted website with plenty of members

By far the most popular methods for meeting likeminded others for dogging is via the internet. The uprising of dogging websites have seen dogging networks expand beyond all previous boundaries and now couples and individuals actively travel cross country to meet new, unknown people.
My Casual Friend demonstrates the best of dogging dating website qualities. We have a massive network of members and additionally have an entire section dedicated to dogging. This means that there's no need to approach anyone without being sure that they too are also into dogging.

2. Setting the exciting boundaries

The great thing about prearranging a dogging session is that you can really talk about what you as an individual, or what you and your partner as a couple, are into; this serves to not only a build up to the event to something that is even more exciting, but it also allow you to get the most from the experience as you discuss beforehand what you're up for.

3. Doing it the old fashioned way

If you want to keep with tradition and meet likeminded others for dogging the old fashioned way then here are our top tips for doing so.

Finding a dogging area
The first thing that you'll need to do is find an area that is known for dogging. This may be relatively simple, if there is a well-known area that is frequently spoken about locally, or it may require a little research (perhaps online) by yourself.

Flashing those headlights
To invite others over to your dogging experience (either for them to watch or to join in) you need to flash your head lights or keep the interior light on. You should also bear in mind that in order to invite someone in you should physically open the door.

Here at My Casual Friend we know how many of our members love the dogging experience, so we're proud to present a mini dogging website within our casual dating site. Head on over to the dedicated dogging section now and check out our other members who are looking for no strings fun. What makes this experience even better is that for ladies, membership is completely free, so women don't pay anything at all and men know that there's many sexy women who await them. Register for Free at My Casual Fiend Today.


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