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Article - Five Must know tips for getting into dogging

Dogging is a pretty exciting scene. At My Casual Friend there are hundreds of other members who looking for likeminded individuals exactly like you to join them out down country lanes or in secluded areas for no strings fun.

1. Choosing the right dogging website

Quite obviously you'll want a UK dogging website, however more than this you also want to choose a website that has a good number of members; at the very least you should ensure that the website that you chose isn't merely a causal dating website, but that it is specifically a website for people who are interested explicitly in dogging. This cuts out the run around and you can get straight to the point as to what you're looking for and what it is that you're hoping to experience.

2. Dogging online: The perfect place to start

There was once a time where dogging was merely a chance encounter; where couples or individuals would have to drive to a local well known dogging area to see if there were any other people looking for no strings sexual encounters. Today however the dogging scene has changed irrevocably and the power is truly in your hands as to who and where you meet and what you get up to. My Casual Friend is perfect for this and, as we have one of the largest number of dogging members in the UK, so you're sure to find the perfect couple to suit your sexual needs and fantasies.

3. Spelling it out

Once you've found a few dogging personals online (where the member states that they too are looking for fun dogging times) then it's time to spell it all out. Tell them what you want, what you expect and what your experience is. Talk it all out and talk it up… this process makes sure you all get the most from the experience and acts as a complete turn on.

4. Dogging Venues: Not always the dark, off beaten track

Today dogging can take place in more places than you realise and it isn't just restricted to the dark country road tracks. So be sure to establish where it is that you want to meet as a dogging venue and don't be afraid to suggest areas that are alternative to the 'traditional'.

5. Staying safe

Getting ready for your dogging experience is exciting, but you need to always bear safety in the back of your mind (we know, it's rather boring, but an absolute must as far as practicalities go). So grab your condoms, phone and be sure to leave the engine running throughout your experience.

My Causal Friend is the only website you'll ever need to hook up with people who are into Dogging and much more besides. Over our time we've grown to be one of the largest casual sex websites in the whole of the UK and our powerful search tool can see you hooking up with a 'no strings fun other' within minutes. Get started with us today and experience dogging with some of our exciting members. Join today


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