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Article - Four Little known facts about dogging

My Casual Friend are one of the UK's largest casual dating websites and there's not a lot of things that we don't know about the casual sex and dogging scene. Whether you're new to dogging or consider yourself to be a seasoned and talented pro, here we have four facts that may surprise you!

1. It's more popular than you think

Not many of our readers would be open to everyone they know about their dogging habits; whilst this will not come as no surprise, the sheer number of how many people that do dog may. In recent years, many areas have reported significant increases in doggers, with some saying that there has been rises of up to 60%; and the power of the internet this figure looks set to continue to increase.
There's no doubt then that meeting up for sex in public has become increasingly popular, most likely due to the internet making it easier and quicker than ever to do so. So you never know… your next door neighbour or long term acquaintance could be just as into the steamy voyeurism that dogging provides as you are.

2. Dogging has plenty of etiquette

Just because casual sex dating doesn't include all of the usual boring dating rules (such as who should pay the bill and whether the man should open the doors) there are still various rules of etiquette to follow. These rules include:

Inviting others to join in
Want to invite others outside to come inside? Well the correct way to do this is to simply open your car door. This is pretty much a universally recognised invitation, no words required!

Leaving the lights firmly on
If you're completely new to dogging then this may prove to be a useful tip. If you wish to invite voyeurism or invite others over and eventually into the car for the dogging action then be sure to either flash your headlights or leave your interior light on while you and your partner get hot and heavy on the inside.

Providing a clear view
You want others to see you… right? Well you may want to remember to keep the windows rolled down a little to provide a better view.

3. You don't need to drive around and around dogging spots to find the action

Far from having to drive around a dogging spot aimlessly to find some action, you instead simply need to sit and wait until the action finds you. What's more, actually driving around may well make for an unnecessary attention drawer from the local bobby. Of course, if you're using a dogging website such as My Casual Friend then you can pre-arrange your dogging meets.

4. It's may not be illegal

Because UK law is a little unclear on the issue of public nudity it may not actually be illegal to go dogging; That said, the risk of getting caught is still, quite obviously, the main attraction and thrill of dogging.

My Casual Friend are busy matching adventurous people with equally as open minded partners for dogging, swinging and more. We're proud to be one of the largest UK casual sex member databases; for ladies we offer free membership and for men we offer a vast array of free thinking and ready to meet women. Get started with My Casual Friend today and meet up with someone tonight! Join today for free.


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