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Article - An essential introduction to dogging for women

If you and your partner are thinking about going dogging then we have plenty of hot tips to get you started. After this introduction to the UK dogging scene we're sure that you'll be ready and raring to get going with our many other likeminded members.

Staying indoors, going outdoors

The first thing to appreciate is that dogging experiences can differ drastically as according to what you want to get out of them. If you're just starting out and are a little shy then you'll probably stay within your car with others acting as the voyeurs. However you should also feel free to invite others in on the action, if the mood takes you. To do this, you simply open your car door, this is the dogging equivalent to saying "come on in!"

Men, Women or both?

Dogging is an exciting experience that knows no boundaries and where everyone is a consenting adult. Because of the voyeurism that it can provide it can also serve as a pretty gentle introduction to other sexual experiences, such as swinging. This can then see you experimenting with men and/or women.
If you are unsure as to whether you want to experiment with other women, why not chat to one of our many other female members… there's no harm in talking through your fantasies and if you feel that you've met your woman on woman match then there's no reason that you can't meet up. Of course we all know that this is pretty much every guy's ultimate fantasy, so we're certain that your guy won't mind!

My Casual Fiend: The Ultimate Dogging Network

There are quite a number of different casual sex dating websites out there, however there are far fewer that specifically include members looking for dogging experiences. This is where My Casual Friend steps in. Our website serves as your ultimate guide to getting into dogging and what's more… membership is completely free for women, so you really have no excuse not to explore what we have to offer, or rather what our adventurous members do!

Staying safe

Staying safe By now you should be ready to get going and talking to our many other members with dogging personals, however before you do always keep your safety in mind. Tell at least one person where you are going before leaving for your session, keep your mobile with you and only ever stay within your comfort zone. In particular you should also explain to the people that you arrange to meet what you want to do and how the experience will play out. This way everyone knows limitations (or, conversely, will understand that it will be a meet up of no holds barred and no strings fun!)

My Casual Friend offers a dogging network which is just full of adventurous members looking to meet others for simple sex dating and no strings fun. Our powerful search tool allows members to quickly meet others who are as likeminded and up for anything as they are; so join now and search our UK doggers who are ready and waiting for your message. Join today for Free.


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