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Article - An essential introduction to dogging for men

If you're looking into the world of dogging then we have to say that you've made a pretty good choice. This scene is amongst the most exciting casual sex scenes there are and My Casual Friend is the base to meet other likeminded couples for outdoor frolics and no strings fun.
However if you're a guy who is completely new to dogging then you'll probably be grateful of the following hot tips to help you when entering the wild world of dogging.

Understanding what dogging is

So you probably know that dogging involves sex outside or in cars, but beyond this, how much do you really understand about dogging? Is what you know based on films? Or perhaps you've heard second hand from friends a few tall tales that you're not actually sure whether to believe or not.
If so then here it is: dogging is, of course outdoor sex, but it can involve everything from two people within a car to many people outside and all interacting. The former may see a couple of other people watching and the latter may be one crazy swap up. So, in answer to the question as to what dogging is, we'd say that it's outdoor sex that is as wild as you want it to be!

Choosing others for dogging

If you're completely new to dogging and want to be shown the ropes by people who are highly experienced than our website is full of individuals and couples who are looking for others for dogging experiences.

Laying the ground

Once you've met another of our members from the extensive dogging network that you'll find on My Casual Friend then it's time to lay some ground. You should talk about what you're going to do, what you and/or your partner will be up for and whether you'll be sticking with one on one sex or going all out with each other in a larger group. This vital step in the run up to the meet means that every participant has a clear expectation of what's on, what's off and what they can look forward to.

Being Safe

Whatever casual sex you're after, My Casual Friend is the website with it all. From Cougars looking for younger men to couples looking for hot dogging experiences with likeminded couples who are just as adventurous as them. However you should always remember to be safe, both in terms of protection and practicalities, such as keeping a phone with you and ensuring the engine is running for the duration of your meet ups.

My Casual Friend know everything there is to know about the dogging and the causal dating scene in general. We've used our expertise to create an easy to use website with powerful search features so that our members can search, find and chat to members within a matter of minutes. This has seen us building one of the largest dogging networks that you'll find online; join us today and you could be going dogging with our sexy members tonight. Register for Free at My Casual Friend Today.


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