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Article - The four unwritten rules of casual sex

Welcome to the world of casual sex. This is an exciting world that is free from all the usual rules. There may not be any etiquette here, such as who should pay the bill and when it's acceptable to go in for that kiss, but there are other, albeit more exciting rules that you'll need to know if you're to make the most out of this scene. Here we've put together our essential tips that you simply must know before meeting an equally as open minded other for evenings full of no strings fun.

Casual sex is exactly that… casual

Casual sex is so exciting because you get to meet people for no other reason than pure pleasure; so playing by the rules means not getting attached or involved. That said, relationships can come from initial meetings for simple sex, but expecting anything more or becoming too heavy with the messages and expectations is most definitely a no no.

Setting the expectations

Chances are that if you're looking for casual sex then you may have something specific in mind. Many times meeting someone purely for sex is a way of you exploring sexual experiences that you may otherwise feel too embarrassed to have suggested with past partners; be that bondage, swinging, dogging or just about anything else that you can, and probably have, imagined.
Because of this it's vital that you set the boundaries with any person that you're planning on meeting. Discuss in detail what you may or may not do, being sure to state anything specifically that you may not be up for. Whilst this may all sound pretty boring and practical in the exciting world of casual sex dating, it can serve as a complete turn on in the run up to meeting, so make it enjoyable, whilst getting across what you're expecting.

Be inquisitive

Others who are looking for casual sex are most likely going to be seriously open minded. So if there's something that you've always wanted to try don't be shy is asking potential others as to whether that's something they want to explore. This dating scene is the ultimate place to find out what it really is that you enjoy.

Meeting up and letting go of your inhibitions

You may well feel pretty nervous when meeting another for casual sex, particularly when it's your first time. Just bear in mind that this is going to be a one off and as such you needn't feel concerned about what the other may think of you, or what they may say to you directly or to their friends. You won't have to meet them again, unless you want to, and this one off experience is to be experienced for what it is: so relax, have fun and enjoy it!

Finding a partner for casual sex without the worry of a relationship or all of the other associated etiquette of the usual dating scene has never been easier. Our huge database of consenting UK guys and girls can open up the world of no strings fun and for ladies joining up is completely free. Register for free at My Casual Friend today.


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