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Article - Thinking of swinging: Read our essential guide

Swinging is one sure fire way of spicing up a relationship. This is, of course, only where both you and your partner are up for sexually experimenting with others. If you are, then you're more than ready to get out there and messaging some of our members, but before you do so you may want to read this essential introduction to the smoking hot and sometimes misunderstood scene of swinging.

Swinging… How does it work?

If you're completely new to this scene then here's rundown of what to expect. The basic premise of swinging is two couples who are up for swapping partners and/or experimenting as a foursome. Traditionally you can expect other couples to swap with you and your partner, although of course some couples will be up for more than this and will want to experiment between each within the party.
Before all of this you should, of course, already established that both you and your partner are up for this. All too many couples get into what should be a seriously enjoyable experience, only to find that jealousy creeps in, which can potentially end a relationship altogether.

Talking it over with your partner

Swinging is rewarding when you've done the preparations, and what we mean by this is having a full, no holds bar discussion as to what you and your partner want to do, and want to do with others. This ranges from 'hard swinging', where multiple partners meet and experiment with each and every other person, to 'soft swinging' where two couples stick with one another as far as full sex goes, but allow the others to watch or potentially touch, to greater or lesser degrees.

Finding your swinging couple

Once you're both happy with what is agreed it's time to get looking for a couple (or couples) who have a similar approach to swinging as you will have. Our database of UK members is one of the most extensive in the UK. We have swinging members that range from the most hard-core, to those who enjoy soft swinging and no more. Whilst browsing our members and contacting them be sure to lay the ground rules and explain what it is that you and your partner are looking for from the experience.
Additionally, if you are both new to swinging and are feeling a little nervous then talk at length with the other couple, you could also swap pics or videos so that you get over those otherwise nerve wracking sexual milestones. This can all set you up for a far more enjoyable and uninhibited experience with one another.

My Casual Friend make it easy for couples who swing or who are new to the swinging scene to meet equally as open minded couples. Our database of UK adults allows you to explore the world of swinging, allowing you to fulfil your curiosity with members who are relatively local to you. Join today and check out our free spirited guys and girls who are also looking for uncomplicated sexy adult fun.


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